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Da'Ron C, Music Artist

I've had a love for firearms since a teen. What I didn't know is to how to properly, and safely operate every aspect of a rifle. Johnny pays extreme attention to detail, details that I've been missing. After going to the range twice with Johnny, and watching the presentation, I was able to bring my mother to the range and properly help her operate and shoot for the first time.

-Ron Deuce

Payton Myles, 10 years old

Once I trained, I understood weapons better and I learned a lot about firearm safety. Johnny is a good weapons trainer. You should go train with him.



-Payton C. (10 years old)

Lonnie M.

Mad love and BIG thank you to G-Arms Defense. Johnny did a wonderful job and had lots of patience with me and my wife being first time gun owners and shooters. His level of knowledge on gun safety is highly appreciated by my wife and me. If you're looking for a qualified teacher on all safety and defense needs on guns choose G-ARMS DEFENSE.

-Lonnie M

Riandra B.

I was a gun owner before taking this course but was afraid of it.  I didn’t want to handle it in no form, loaded or unloaded. Now I can say that I am more confident and less afraid when it comes to carrying.  I learned the gun itself and can aim and shoot with accuracy and consistency. Thanks G-Arms.

Sudiah H.

What an awesome experience! I was an incredibly nervous client, but as a woman I wanted to push thru my nervousness and learn how to properly use a firearm. So glad I chose G-Arms, because Mr. Galathe was patient, personable and maintained a high level of safety during our session. We walked thru 3 key measures whenever engaging with a firearm, and Mr. Galathe was extremely professional and helped ease my nervousness. I am not ready to purchase my own firearm, but I am ready to handle a firearm again! Ladies, book his sessions!

Michelle J.

I truly enjoyed the training received by Mr. Galathe, and stand in awe of his knowledge and expertise of firearms. He takes training and safety very seriously and will cover the do's and don't prior to entering the range. Once you're ready to begin firing the gun(s), he'll be with you every step of the way to encourage and correct if needed. I look forward to my next session.

Nakia C.

My husband set me up a firearm training session with G-Arms Defense while visiting family in Houston, TX. It was very helpful! In these times it's very important to learn how to protect ourselves in such a dangerous world. This training not only taught me how to shoot, but firearm safety which is actually more important because of the insane amount of accidents irresponsible gun owners have experienced. Learning how to shoot with confidence can save you and your family!!

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